Short summary of my business activity

I am a business development, know-how and franchise consultant and specialist who deals with the organizational, business, financial development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), developing business models and constructions, and management consulting. My specialty is complex developing of franchise systems and brands, and contribution in their launch. This usually includes the development of the franchise business and operating model, the writing of the complete franchise contract, the writing of the franchise operation manual, the preparation of legal, economic and financial appendixes, business and branding plans and calculations, contribution in the selection of the first partners and the first contract signings, and so on. My profession is not a lawyer, but an economist. My doctoral dissertation was written at the Management Department of the Budapest University of Economics from the organization and operation of franchise systems and brands. As I know, I am the only one in Hungary who has a doctorate diploma (doctor univ.) in franchise, to date.
I’ve been an entrepreneur for 30 years, working in business consulting, business management, project management. Until now I worked as a business consultant or project manager, or executive manager for 70-80 companies in many different lines of business, and participated in the working-out and development of 30-40 franchise systems in Hungary.
Sometimes I deal with search of franchise partners, representation of franchisors as well, by extra order.
Contact: office@drjanosiistvan.hu , or write me please in „Kapcsolatok” Form!